Sunday, April 27, 2008

What Type Of Vampire Are You?

What Type Of Vampire Are You?
My Result: Energy
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Energy vampires do not suck blood, instead they suck energy, human energy. We are all surrounded by them and are in fact people we know like our relatives, friends, our enemies and yes even yourself. the term "you are your own worse enemy" applies here. there are in fact 5 versions: The Pity( or the "poor me" who complain about their life and problems), The Aloof: (those who are withdrawn from others, shy, distrustful & suspicious), The Interrogator( perfectionist who want to bring down your views on everything,insincere, & the doubters), The Intimidaters( rageaholics, control freaks, bullies & the paranoids), & last Boasters (braggers, self-righteous, prideful, and liers). Remember we are ALL Energy some degree.

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