Tuesday, April 29, 2008


What a day for a knight, what a Knight for a day! Phewies! Managed to survive the day's upheavals, with three exams down!! This is a cause for a major celebration *Thanks the heavens* Yet.. there's still four more to go... bleh~ the life of a uni student.. good luck to those who are experiencing it..

Well, tis my goal that with every post there'll be a nice little quote and today's one is...

Some succeed because they are destined to.. But most succeed because they are determined to
Unfortunately the author of this dandy saying has decided to remain under cover, so unfortunately his/her name will remain -Anon-

Ahh bugger, it's back to 'diligent work' now.. I cannot busily procrastinate any longer or else I'll be sticking my head in the dump if my grades aren't up to par.. EEEK!!!

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