Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Diligently Procrastinating

Man oh man... about 6 hours in the library today.. But I don't think I've managed to use the time productively.. DAMN DISTRACTING DELICIOUS DRINKS & FOOD.. bugger couldn't think of another D word to finish off the alliteration. bleh~

However, I tried to convince a friend to study and unfortunately through all my blood and sweat, he managed to knock out cold on the
fourth page of the text book. I guess lullabies, mumbling about sheep and sleeping pills are becoming things of the past, going in replacement.. READING & STUDYING (only effective for non workaholics/nerds however...)

A good thing that happened though was that a special someone passed by my isolated desk and gave me my favourite
bubble cup accompanied with a yellow rose.. what a sweetie.. *giggles girlishly*

Ahh wells, again it's back to brain turmoil as I plough through an essay, racking my brains for unique and convincing ideas (in other words

And of course, keeping up with my promise for every post.. A QUOTE!
Success is a journey not a destination - Ben Sweetland
Fortunately, this guy has decided to provide us with a name!!! Sweeeet...

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