Thursday, September 27, 2007

I have NO LIFE [#4 & #5]

Causal Arguments

  1. Causal chains
    1. Invention of the automobile -> increase in petrol stations -> Decrease of land space -> Redesign of cities
    2. Invention of the automobile -> ? -> changes in sexual mores
    3. Invention of the telephone -> Reduced face to face social outings due to convenience -> loss sense of community in neighbourhoods
    4. Origin of rap in black urban music scene -> introduced/played on radios (radios reaches variety of people) -> the popularity of rap spreads from urban black audiences to white middle-class youth culture
    5. Development of way to prevent rejections in transplant operations -> costlier operations for transplants -> liberalisation of euthanasia laws
  2. Composing claims
    1. Invention of the automobile increases the number of petrol stations which causes a decrease of land space, resulting in the redesign of cities
    2. D
    3. Invention of the telephone allows ‘talk to friends’ more convenient, therefore reducing face to face social outings, thus causing a loss sense of community in neighbourhoods
    4. Origin of black urban music scene is played on radios, radios reaches a diverse population of people, therefore the popularity of rap spreads from urban black audiences to white middle-class youth culture
    5. Development of way to prevent rejections in transplant operations increases cost of operations, thus causing liberalisation of euthanasia laws
    6. Causes and Constraints:

Agreement with moving to another country

Contributing Cause:

  • The increase in pay and travelling opportunities
  • Offers a more luxurious lifestyle

Precipitating cause:

  • Excitement in relation to being able to see ‘cowboys’


  • The inconvenience and complications of moving
  • The love for the country of birth
  1. Causes and Constraints: Why the number of babies born out of wedlock has increased dramatically over the last thirty years

Contributing cause:

  • The increased sexual content shown on television
  • The ease of divorce.
  • The complications of marriage

Precipitating Cause:

  • Growing up and experimenting

Constraints: (of having a baby in wedlock)

  • The union is not accepted by either side of the family

Monday, September 24, 2007

Voting in Australia

‘That voting in Victoria should be optional instead of compulsory’

Who is your audience? In the state of Victoria (Australia), it is compulsory for people aged 18 and over to participate in general elections. Penalties in the form of fines are issued if you do not turn up to voting polls. Since this is the case, the target audience are for the Victorians who are affected by this law.

How much does your audience know or care about the issue? Compulsory voting has been in effect for many years, and is part of the Australian tradition. Thus, it can be assumed, that those who are 18 and above, would have experienced the necessity of going to sanctioned voting booths. Those who believe that compulsory voting is a waste of time and an oppression of democratic freedom or those who believe that voting is a necessary factor for being a democratic would be interested in this kind of question/issue

What is your audience’s current attitude toward your issue? The opinion of this issue varies among people. Those who have a strong interest in politics are most likely to be supportive of compulsory voting. Whilst those who have know knowledge or interest for ‘prime ministers’ or ‘Victorian premiers’ would find that compulsory voting a complete waste of time, being in support that ‘voting should be optional’

What will be your audience’s likely objections to your argument? Those who are objectionable to this statement may argue:

  • That compulsory voting has been around for generations and is an Australian tradition. To make voting optional would be ‘Un-Australian’
  • Compulsory voting would allow people to be more aware of the realm of Australian politics. This would increase their general knowledge.
  • If compulsory voting was not implemented, may result in ‘unfavourable turnouts,’ this the most appropriate leaders would not be chosen
  • ‘Unfavourable turnouts’ may lead insufficient opinions on political leaders.
  • That all of our rights are limited in a marginal way.

Finally, what values, beliefs or assumptions about the world do you and your audience share? Common links with the audience

  • Our age group: Those who are in the ‘younger generation’ may feel that voting is unnecessary and a waste of time
  • That politics play a major role in our lives since we are a democratic country, ‘where people rule.’ Thus, it is important for people to aware of politics so democracy is implemented properly
  • That our rights in a democratic country are preserved; we should not be forced to do things that we have no interest in.