Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Oh my goodness.. being the dull boring person I am, I was flipping through blog pages and came upon this Steff@nia

I had this "WTFUX" face and momentarily thought I was famous.. (LOL) however, I came to realise that it was SteffaniA not SteffaniE.. so thus, my happy bubble was crushed XD.. oh goodness, it's 6.11am I'm ranting on nonsensically.. better go get some shut eye before I post something really stupid..

Quote of the Day: I'm sick and tired of being tired - Fannie Hamer

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Return... maybe baby?

Guess who's Back? Back again? Epic Steffness' back! Tell a friend :D
*tumble weed rolls past*

Well, here I am, it is 2009 and my last post was in 2008.. this blog is well loved and cared for as you can tell. Credits to one of my uber cool friends for reminding me that I HAVE a blog in the first place. Fortunately though, this blog is literally nonexistent to most people, so it is not sorely missed anyway.

Ahh where to begin?? So many things (boring things) have happened between 08 and 09! Yet you blog readers are in luck.. I cannot remember what has happened *lame* However I can share my story of visiting a water park Schlitterbahnin Galvestone, this story though.. will be posted in my next update because at the moment, I just cannot muster the will nor the effort to type. Yep pure lazy Steff at your service.

For most Yanks, we are in the midst of a summer holiday.. so hoping everyone is doing rather well breaking. Hope all of our exam results were satisfying (for those who have put in the time and effort to study… tough luck for those who didn’t :p) I shall update this blog in my next post… when? You dare ask… well literally .. only time will tell!

Quote of the Day: If it weren't for the last minute, I wouldn't get anything done - Author Unknown [I LOL'd at this.. it's so true]

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ahh the life of a university student..

Back to my notorious procrastinating.. -sighs- all that I'm getting from my notes is JIBBERISH... Can't understand a thing that is being explained... My brain is momentarily stoned. LOL.. Ahh wells.. I'll just be here.. breaking further.. then it'll be back to intense studying!!!

*few minutes later* zZzzZZzzzZzzz

Quote of the day: zzzZzzzzzZZZzzzing

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hello again...

Wow, has been awhile since I've last posted something in this 'ghost blog.' Ahh well, with this semester's homework load, blogging is the least of my worries (ok ok that was an excuse.. I'm just purely lazy). Tehee.. Sighs, a Marketing exam tomorrow, bugger... Well back to studying

Watashi wa marketing o benkyoo shimasu!!! - Trying to utilise my newly learned Japanese.. How sad.. hahaha

Well later gaters, perhaps I shall revisit this blog after 2 months.. But for now adios amigos!

Quote of the Day: Studying is Student and Dying put together - Quote on my T shirt that my cousins made.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

American Arrogance

Every country has its flaws, yet as we travel around we come to learn and accept them. However, there is one flaw in America that I cannot come to understand nor could I ever accept.. it's their blatant arrogance.

Americans take their liberties defined in the Constitution to the highest regard, and literally anything that violates (even seemingly) them would cause some form of debate. They would whine and complain stating how the government should not interfere with their liberties blah blah blah..

Whilst travelling to school in the morning, I happened to listen to a Texan talkshow radio. The host was discussing the issue of fines when he and he openly stated that 'I think it's absolutely ridiculous that (we) should be fined for not wearing a seatbelt in our car.' He argues that our safety is our choice; the government should not impose fines in order to force us to look after ourselves and wear a seat belt in OUR OWN car. The contention: that we should have the right to look after ourselves and the government should not interfere.

Utterly arrogant and ridiculous. True that living in this country we all have freedom to exercise our liberties and rights, but there is always a limit to what we have. Not only does his opinion emphasise his idiocy but it may prove to be murderous. It has been proven that the media is highly influential, therfore this stupid argument would only further to convince the audience to disagree with seat belt laws. HOW INSANE!!!

It's true that the government would try to find any means to collect 'dosh' from us, but we should put our 'money minds' aside FOR ONCE. Lets consider THE REASONS why we are fined when we are not wearing a seatbelt
- Seat belts are put in place in order to save people's lives if they are faced in a perilous situation in their car
- Children or young adults do not fully accept the concept of a seat belt, or that a seatbelt would hinder their 'looks' therefore they choose not to wear it
- Others may abstain from wearing a seat belt because it just felt 'uncomfortable'
- And some, are just plain LAZY

There are some unbelievable reasons why people do not wear a seat belt, and if some sort of fine/law is not enforced, I wonder what the percentage of seat belt wearers would be.

The radio talk show host of course tries to sweep this problem under the rug by agreeing with the importance of seat belts. However, the flaw here is his argument is that the government should not force us to take care of ourselves. What a selfish thought. Consider this:
- When we get into an accident, who is involved? If we think it's only the persons in the car, then we can call ourselves ignorant and naive.
- For example, if we were killed in an accident (because we did not wear a seat belt) the other person would have to suffer with the memory of a death, whether it was their fault or not.
- Remember, a dead person does not suffer after their death, but it's the people around them that would have to deal with it

This seat belt issue serves to emphasise how selfish, arrogant and blind America is.

However, this issue was not the only point in which drove me to my 'complaining.' The other day, another Texan radio talk show host stated: 'Those who wants to recycle go ahead and recycle, but not me. I do not have the TIME to do such things.'

Here, I shall not even point out the flaws of that argument.. his reason: BECAUSE I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME... HAHAHA, I can only sit back and laugh.. unbelievable

So my main point is, that we should not wallow in selfishness and conjure up arguments that only concern ourselves. We are so arrogant that we are able to argue that our own safety is up to us not the governments'. Well wake up America and get out of that veil of arrogance.

Quote of the day:
The truth will set you free. But first it will piss you off - Gloria Steinem


Looks like this blog was again on hiatus.. ahahaahah.. so many things has happened since that 'dark' blog but I was too lazy to post anything up since then.. hehehe.. Yet with the summer holidays looks like I have too much time on my hands so it's black to blogging... how sad.

Quote of the day: What's wrong with being a boring kind of guy? - George Bush