Thursday, May 8, 2008

Making a Comeback...

Wow... tis been awhile since I've last posted something here, but the good news is... EXAMS ARE FINALLY OVER so everyone gets to sit back, relax and enjoy the heatwave that summer brings!!! yippie!

Phew.. a fair few things has happened between those exam days and now.. Most of the days were filled with action packed library sessions, though you get distracted half the time with all the food that is layed out before you..

Here are a few priceless memorabilia with my mates... all were DILIGENTLY procrastinating... *giggles*


Watching IRON MAN

ME (not shown) --> Eating

Hehe.. you can see our beloved 'Wendy's' there (which is officially my "exam" lunchstop).. twas a very delicious meal indeed (I remember having salad that day.. ahh.. I've digressed)

Back on track.. We've gone swimming a couple of times again.. and our swimming buddy has finally learned how to stay afloat for a few more seconds!!! Woohooo!! A HUMUNGO congratulations for his achievements.. But no matter what, you still look like a goofball hahah..

Hrmm.. today was a nice sunny hot day.. however..

Moment of the day: Having a major brawl with the manager of Tofu Restaurant since they complained that we didn't tip them (I accidentally forgot)... They literally followed us to the car and demanded us!!! Sure I felt bad for not tipping them properly.. but the way they spoke to us and dealt with the issue was unbelievably RUDE and UNCOUTH that in the end they didn't get a tip and lost a few regular customers... >_<

I feel as if I’m having a tough week this week with all these issues happening… BUT behind every grey cloud there's a silver lining!!! (laughs at oneself.. gosh I can be soo dorky at times..) so I'll just stick my head up high and face the challenges ahead... BRING IT ON!

Anyways.. WELL DONE (again) to ALL EXAMINEES who have finally FINISHED their FINALS!!! The toils of our efforts (if we did put in any) will NOT go to waste!!! Good luck with your results and run around naked to celebrate the day!!! See you again next semester!

Quote of the Day: The sky is not the limit, it's only the BEGINNING - Unknown (I saw it on one of the prefect's photos in 2005)

That's all for today maties!
p.s. Don't forget your mother's day prezzies for THIS SUNDAY!!

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