Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Darker side of us...

Secrets.. we are always surrounded by lies, deceit or mysteries, we cannot all be always angelic munchkins because... we're human. We make all kinds of mistakes, this is our way of learning and growing. However though, no matter how many lies we've woven around ourselves and others, they will eventually be exposed.

Example from a Personal Experience:
- A stranger from California called my house phone today, asking whether we were going to pay for an item that a certain person had bid on ebay. Problem: That person only happens to be 13 years old...
- When asked about ebay, the person vehemently denied any interaction with the bidding site maintaining his innocence
- Despite his plea of innocence, I called the seller back and found out that the seller has all of our personal information, home phone, house address etc... This made me realise that, it must be a miraculous coincidence or that someone has been 'vehemently LYING'
- Eventually all was exposed, in actual fact he does have connection with the ebay site AND that he has been doing 'dirty work.' Now that person has to face retribution
- As we reflect back on the day's events, we realise that every action has a meaning behind it... and the meaning of this person's actions have finally come to light.. (e.g. opening a package, that did NOT belong to him, when we had told him that he was not allowed to do that)
- Lesson to be learned: We all have to lie at times, but we have to remember that, our lies will eventually be exposed for retribution.

This will be an experience for the person that I know, and I do hope that he has learned his lesson well. As for me, I know that I have my deep and dark secrets as well, and I know that someday I will face my own consequences.

So for any readers (which I do doubt that there are any lols..) there are good lies and bad lies, good truths and bad truths... but remember that with every action there's a consequence.

Quote of the Day:
Life is too short to commit all the mistakes in the world - A quote from my mother.

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