Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The age of innocence (Pocoyo and Friends)

In a simplistic view, this photograph may just be another 'cute picture' to the passing eye. However, as we consider society's rapid pace today, this kind of picture holds the characteristic that is nearly absent as we enter into the new generation/era, 'the age of innocence and unity.'

As we grow older, our knowledge and innocent eyes are subjected to a world of violence, sex and drugs through the influence of television and celebrities. The bright 'happy and joyous' colours of the photograph, as well as the characters' expression of surprise, wonder and awe allows the viewers to reflect on the forgotten age of innocence, where in our youth, all things great and small either would surprise us with great delight or small anxiety. Frozen in time, this innocence serves to remind us that life is and will be full of wonders and surprises, no matter how dark the era might be.

Through the representation of 'different and unique' characters, the picture also serves to generate a sense of 'multiculturalism', where size, shape, colour or race, should not matter. This variation of characters depicts how we can enjoy life, learn and experience great friendships from binding with and accepting others who we may deem as 'different' than us.

This photograph, captures a moment that allows us to realise that through all the 'horrors' or 'darkness' that society may present, we should never forget that life still holds the many wonders that we all experience as a child. Mainly, to experience these wonders to the fullest height, we must be able to accept and befriend all of those around us.

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